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2 Part Webinar Series in August! Simplifying Analytics in Finance


Join our upcoming two-part webinar series to find out how you can start focusing on what matters in finance. You will get to see a live demonstration of how Alteryx can be used to solve your common problems including income statement and cash flow analysis as well as risk sing analysis.


In this series, you will learn how self-service analytics can be used to:

  • Get all your finance data in one place for accurate financial forecasting
  • Leverage that data to mitigate risk, deliver insights and predict outcomes
  • Say goodbye to spreadsheet reconciliation and hello to automation

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Thank you @llau for sharing this upcoming two-part Webinar!


@alyon @rsomani005 @fosterking @Marie_Hibbert Lauren Vasu of Alteryx is putting together this webinar series to help folks with finance reporting and control to risk management! These may be great topics to discuss in our upcoming Q3 User Group meeting. Just a suggestion :).


What do you think Tax, Audit + Office of Finance User Group members?!


Chris Shernaman

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Chris Shernaman
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10 - Fireball

@ChrisS This is an Awesome idea!!!! 

11 - Bolide

It's the lowest of low hanging fruit for all firms.

Automating something manual that already works that one can reconcile to, smart numerate users who don't code, and it all adds up to zero 😃

7 - Meteor

This is great! Thanks for the information!