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Note for 2/11/2020 UG Meeting

11 - Bolide



   We have had a lot of registrations already for our next meeting, which is absolutely fantastic! We wanted to give just a couple of quick notes for those that are planning on attending:


  • If you are planning on attending and have note registered, please do so right away! This lets us know how many chairs, etc. we will need to provide. You can use the following link to register. Also, if you have been hesitant to register, this event is FREE (and aren't the best things in life free?)
  • We are going to be doing a LIVE weekly challenge with your participation. If possible, please bring your laptop. If you cannot bring your machine that has Alteryx on it, we will still have a way for you to be involved. 😁
  • Last, but certainly not least, this is a community event. Try and introduce yourself to 2-3 people you have not met before. I promise you, it will be worth it. We have a lot of talented people in STL and you never know how you can help each other out.

Thank you again for supporting each other and this wonderful community! Please reach out to any of us UG Leaders if you have any questions or concerns before the event:


Alya Steward - @DerangedVisions 

David Velleca - @DavidVelleca 

Treyson Marks - @Treyson


See you all soon!