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Coming Soon: New Alteryx Job Board - SparkED!




I wanted to post a quick message to let you know that in early September, the Alteryx SparkED program will launch a new Job Board - where our users can post open data-related jobs from their organizations, and learners can post their resumes. The goal is to match various data-related skill sets (from entry level to advanced) with open postings so that we can create a network of Alteryx users ready to take on the challenges businesses face when it comes to data.


We are looking to have several jobs and resumes posted when the Board launches in a few weeks.


If you would like to post a job or your resume prior to our launch - please send me a message either in Community or via email: amais@alteryx.com and we will get you set up ASAP. After our launch, anyone can post jobs or resumes by visiting the SparkED group hub. We're so excited to launch this feature and thank you in advance for your support!

Education | Social Impact | SparkED
5 - Atom

Great initiative! Can I ask if this is London/UK specific, or broader?




11 - Bolide

Great idea !


Hi Lauren!


We are launching this as a pilot and targeting our major markets (North America, UK, etc.), but technically it is open for anyone!  We'll be making announcements to our other regions shortly, but please feel free to leverage it for any job posting across the globe.

Education | Social Impact | SparkED