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Transforming and Parsing Data

Published on ‎03-04-2021 01:20 PM by Alteryx Community Team | Updated on ‎04-14-2021 02:44 PM

The most skilled data workers parse and enrich their datasets with advanced calculation and transformation techniques. Discover how to automate these processes. 


Tools covered: Summarize/Count Records/DateTime/Cross tab/Transpose


At the time of the event, please join the session HERE.

Recordings will be posted 1-2 business days following the event.


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This event is a part of a larger six part series series. You will find this session useful if you are looking simply to learn more on the topic covered. If you want to participate in future sessions, look out for the following events:

  • Reading and Writing Data
  • Data Blending and Formatting 
  • Data Preparation 
  • Transforming and Parsing Data 
  • User Interface (UI), Documentation and Workflow Configuration  
  • Core Certification Exam Preparation 



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Wed, Apr 7, 2021 10:00 AM PDT
Wed, Apr 7, 2021 11:00 AM PDT
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4 - Baryon

I joined this live training from the third course. I am wondering where I can find the data for prior courses since I am listening the record video instead of having the live training for prior 3 courses. thanks!

Yes, it is tricky but Alteryx team explained it in one session.


Simply. go to Academy - live live training.


The trick, that you have to flag the past sessions from event status.


when past sessions will appear you can enter them and will find the recording and material.


BRPast Training.JPG

4 - Baryon

Hello - you are providing the recordings for these videos correct?  Thanks!  

4 - Baryon

Hello, Waiting the recording for this session. Thanks for support.

4 - Baryon

When the recording for this session will be available,thanks in advance.

4 - Baryon

I check back frequently hoping to see this video posted.

Alteryx Community Team

Good news! The video is up!

5 - Atom

I am curious that why total column as mentioned in min-55 does not an integer. how does it calculate? 🤔