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Curious about the Stackable 4 Core Micro-Credentials?


Dear Students


Did you know that Alteryx recently released a set of 4 stackable Core Micro-Credentials? These 4 are equivalent to our Designer Core Certification. The Core Certification is 2.5 hours long, and while the 4 Micro-Credentials add up to a longer duration, each of them is only 45 minutes to an hour, and the bite-sized nature of these certifications make it easier for you to take them gradually.


In this video, I’m sharing tips on what’s covered in the Data Preparation & Data Manipulation Micro-Credentials. For more information, do download the Prep Guides here. 


We're looking forward to have as many of you share your hard-earned badges on LinkedIn! 😀 Questions about these 2 free Certs? Send them our way!


(p/s: After you have earned all 4 Core Micro-Credentials, the Designer Core Cert is automatically accorded to you! Wait about 72 hours before the Credly badges are issued to you  -- and that's when you can share them on Linkedin!)


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Can never have too many tips when you are preparing for certifications. Thanks, Cheryl for sharing them!

Alteryx SparkED Team