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Stupid Things 2 Do with Self-Service Analytics 1 - No Data Governance

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Data governance is essential for balancing;


your organization’s need for analytics access and IT’s requirement of maintaining appropriate security.

Some corporations keep all data points under lock and key.

Other companies have set up in a way that completely neglects the need to supervise usage.

Both are the two stupid things that are pretty common.

Having everything under lock and key is like governing North Korea.

  • Users will need to pull and analyze their data from any source but they will be forced to fill in tickets and wait for approvals. This will slow down your analytics processes.
  • When users want to fuse different datasets in order to uncover new insights, IT will become a chinese wall and you will not be able to benefit from data democracy essential for innovation.

Providing a decentralized, free or "open buffet" environment is not wise either.


  • With several datasets created from differing sources floating around, it becomes challenging to figure out which one is the single version of the truth.
  • Also bear in mind that loss or theft of personal data from your company may result in painful fines (GDPR) like just happened to Facebook.

Here is a great read on the topic from the analytics magazine;­


Cultivating an environment that allows for data governance while encouraging self-service in a centralized manner can address many of the woes mentioned above. As you deploy and configure your self-service tools, make sure to establish the right auditing measures and necessary controls that provide users with data access, but also allows IT to gain the transparency they need to understand who uses what data.

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