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Session Presentations

7 - Meteor

Are the slide decks from the Inspire 2019 sessions (both training and breakout) available to access? There were a few sessions I was in where the presenters said they slides would be made available, but haven't seen anything in regards to where to find these. 


Thanks in advance!

5 - Atom

Yeah I agree as well. Not asking for the paid training sessions but content from any of the others that didn’t require additional fees. We paid for these already.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Very valid points -- Let me get further clarification from the events team on the specifics of how/what breakout session materials are distributed post conference.  I may be confusing training with breakouts.  Stand by...

9 - Comet

For Inspire 2018 - we got the presentations for all the training sessions + breakout sessions, after 3 weeks.

Hope the trend continues. Many of us - recap the conference experience for our teams/supervisors/user groups etc. and having these slides really helps. 
It also enables us to learn on our own about the things shared in other sessions. It would be sad to miss out by not having access to the slides from the sessions we couldn't attend.




5 - Atom

Thanks for bringing that up Raghav. This was my first conference so didn't know about what happened last year. 

9 - Comet

FYI - we can still access the 2018 slides from here.





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for sharing @rag-ryx! I am hoping we'll have a similar recap page for inspire 2019 as well.


In the meantime, I wanted to provide a quick update from my end.  To avoid sticking my foot in my mouth (again), I am still in the process of getting clarification from internal teams on what to expect this time around and will post an update to this thread as soon as I get confirmation.


I appreciate everyones patience as I track down the exact details.

10 - Fireball

Thanks Leah, I know you'll do your best to help the community! 

7 - Meteor

Hi @LeahK , on Wednesday I couldn't watch a presentation because there was no space in the room. It would be great to have the deck for presentations not seen, as well. Would that be possible?



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Happy Wednesday everyone!


I have updates!


Breakout Session Content

I confirmed with our events team that all relevant breakout session content will be made available to all Inspire attendee's, regardless of whether or not you attended a particular session. That's the good news...


The not as great news is that it will take the team a few weeks to package up session slides, available recordings, etc... We appreciate your patience as we work on compiling the content for all to enjoy! Here's an example of what you can expect in the near future: Inspire 2018 Recap


I will reply to this thread with the link to Nashville session resources, as soon as they are available.


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UPDATE: Breakout Session Slides for Inspire Nashville 2019 can be found here:


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In the meantime, some presenters have been posting session materials organically right here on the Buzz! I'm working on putting together an index to make it easier to find what you're looking for, but you can also just peruse what speakers have been sharing by clicking on the Breakout Session label.


Training Content

I did want to clarify that paid Training resources/slides will only be made available to attendee's who purchased training. This content will be shared via email.

11 - Bolide

Alteryx Inspire 2019 - Alan Jacobson - Chief data and analytics officer Alteryx


Highlights from session

  • Understand the business and go see it in action before you start building your model
  • Digital transformation often starts with automation of business processes - ratio of human vs automated processes there are in your company 
  • Rise of the chief transformation officer - shift from CDO to chief transformation officer. - Balance between business driven and central data science driven teams
  • Data governance - carrot vs stick - Analytic processes - difference between IT , research and operational processes
  • Applied data science at Ford - optimising assembly line manufacturing , optimising supply chain

Full video below