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Inspire 2019 - Where was Microsoft?

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I attended Alteryx Inspire 2019 last week in Nashville and was surprised that Microsoft was nowhere to be found.

They were a Diamond Sponsor in 2018 but not a sponsor at all in 2019.


Anybody know what that's all about?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi, you are observant!


Microsoft was actually represented at Inspire but they didn't sponsor this year. Sponsorships typically originate within their product groups and you will have seen Power BI ('16), Microsoft ML Server ('17) and SQL Data Warehouse ('18) sponsor Inspire. This year we are working on some other integrations but they are not so far along we've had a team step up, and each team approaches marketing differently.


That said, you may have seen their announcement at Build about the beta integration between Alteryx and Azure AutoML. And if you are interested, explore this!app/Microsoft-Azure-Machine-Learning-Tools/5cd9a3140462d7074ca54a11. Feedback is welcome!


Best regards

Håkan Söderbom, Director, Technology Alliances