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How do you CELEBRATE your SUCCESSes with Alteryx??? ********************

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Fellow Users, 


Our Alteryx journey is still mainly within our department, which is a small team responsible for US taxes.  We are also in the earlier stages of our understanding so we celebrate JohnZurales_0-1621520225105.png    the thrill of victoryJohnZurales_2-1621520261736.png    during these covid times, with virtual high fives. JohnZurales_3-1621520298419.pngJohnZurales_3-1621520298419.pngJohnZurales_3-1621520298419.png


Part of the excitment of overcoming obstacles is sharing our newfound knowledge during online meetings and brainstorming together.


We need some new ideas so please share yours!!



7 - Meteor

It's probably not quite what you had in mind but... I like to record the reductions in run time for my workflows.   It definitely keeps me motivated to learn more and improve efficiency.  Small successes 🙂 

11 - Bolide

Friendly competition!



  • your team members ascent through the Alteryx Community user ranks
  • the number of weekly challenges they complete
  • passing the certification exams
5 - Atom

John, did you know that we started an Alteryx Innovation Hour which runs every single Thursday from noon ET to 1 pm ET?  We can ask folks on there, but people come to share their tax use cases and how they use Alteryx, we also have different tax and process experts come on to share to spur additional ideas.  You can also come with questions or challenges.  One of my customers did an ROI Challenge pitting two teams against each other.  Happy to walk you through how they did it on the call.