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Data Rules Everything Around Us Conference Materials

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Thank you all for attending our session at Inspire 2018. We promised to share the workflows and here they are, apologies for the short delay in getting these published.


First of all some usefull links:


Twitter Search Macro -!app/Twitter-Search/574db168a248970bdc36d527

Twitter App management used to pull tweets -

Cognitive Services Macro for sentiment analysis -!app/Cognitive-Services-Text-Analytics/587fe0bba18e9e1074a13b64 

The how to guide to cognitive services -

Inviso Macro Pack -

GMail Explanation -

Google Colsole for API's-


The workflows have an authentication input marked with a red comment box - This is where you have to input your own keys, credentials, etc.


@danielbrun2 and I are quite busy so please please respect that it might take some days for us to answer. And please keep Q&A in the thread so newcomers can look at previous questions and answers. Now let's get to it! Here's the link to download a pdf of our presentation, the workflows we presented and any associated information and macros:


Inspire Data rules everything around us.jpg




Joe Lipski