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Making Workflows Easy to Read

Something I'd be interested in is how to make a workflow readable? I've seen well-laid out workflows that I can follow and understand with background colors and comments in comment boxes, but a lot of times mine start to look like a bowl of spaghetti with lines flying all around. I'd like to have some key ideas on turning my bowl of spaghetti into something people can easily follow and understand.

11 - Bolide

Use containers to segment sections of your workflow into logical groups. You are able to colour code containers and collapse them to clean up your workflow.


Colour coding your workflow containers makes them more readable - i.e. maybe you have a colour for the input section, a colour for manipulation and another colour for generating outputs.


Add comments where appropriate behind your tools on the workflow. You can send a comment behind the tool so it is more presentable.


You can set the connections between the tools to be wireless removing much of the spaghetti on the screen if appropriate.


To sum up, structure your workflow in a logical way, segment it using containers and colour code larger workflows.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
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Hi Phillip, 


We think that the  Alteryx Tips and Tricks sessions that we'll be offering as part of the Technology Track will help you with turning spaghetti into something easy to follow :)


Thank you for the suggestion!