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How to use Alteryx in Cost Management

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Accounting Softwares and ERP provide  financial information but the cost information provided is insufficient to work out the Cost of a Product.   Thanks to Alteryx, I could develop a workflow to generate costing report from Financial Information and other related information as required for costing.  Has anyone attempted it or  if anyone is interested I can share. I also need feedback to improve the workflow since I did it with basic understanding of Alteryx.

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I have tested out a  workflow on Cost Management  in Alteryx.   I used the basic features and would like to improve further.   It is working wonders and can be used in any Industry including the Healthcare.


  • Input Data-  Detailed Profit & Loss Account
  • Input Data- Primary Allocation of Expenses
  • Data Cleansing-  to make the data compatible for allocation
  • Join­- Combine the two input files
  • Formula-  Apply formula to allocate the Profit & Loss Account to Cost Centers
  • Out Data-  Output Data of Expenses by Cost Centers
  • Input Data  -  Convert the Output Data of Expenses by Cost Centers into Input Data
  • Input Data -  Secondary Allocation Rules to allocate expenses to Products/Services
  • Join – Combine both the input files
  • Formula- Apply formula to allocate the expenses by Cost Centers to Products/Services.
  • Output Data- Generate Cost Statements by Product/Services.