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Alteryx Innovators in Industry: Transportation, Segment 6: Isacar Racine

11 - Bolide

Hello, Alteryx Community!


Next up in my Alteryx Innovators in Industry series is Isacar Racine ( @iracine ) sharing about his journey with Alteryx at Copa Airlines!





Alteryx ACE & Alteryx Innovator | Practice Director, Data Science & Analytics, PK Global

Author of Citizen Gain: Citizen Data Scientist as the Catalyst for the Modern Analytics Strategy

https://www.linkedin.com/in/hmharris/  | Twitter: @citizen_gain


9 - Comet



Am working hard to get some traction on transitioning the organization from heavy reliance on coding in SQL to add more value by being able to not only visually flow data transformation with Alteryx but increase understanding of the data.  Hopefully, a little further down the road, we will be able to showcase this.


I hope you're staying safe.  Having to deal with not only an pandemic but the fires in the PNW must be a challenge.