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Alteryx Innovators in Industry: All Industries, Segment 9: Cameron O'Donnell

11 - Bolide

Hello, Alteryx Community!


This week's Alteryx Innovator in Industry segment is focused on how maximize internships with Alteryx -- whether you work with an intern, manage an intern or are a intern.


Cameron O'Donnell@tug01519 ) returns this week to talk about how he leveraged Alteryx in an internship to launch his career. It's not just for interns, as there are great tips for everyone!


As a bonus this week, Cameron and I also share how to Never. Stop. Learning. on this week's Alter Everything podcast 69: Alteryx your way ahead.







Alteryx ACE & Alteryx Innovator | Practice Director, Data Science & Analytics, PK Global

Author of Citizen Gain: Citizen Data Scientist as the Catalyst for the Modern Analytics Strategy

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