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A Response and Recovery Ready Public Sector Starts with Actionable Insights


I want to thank all the Governors, Lt. Governors, County Supervisors, Mayors, City Council people, and all the elected and appointed leaders at the State, County and Local levels of government who have worked to keep their communities and constituents safe. Your leadership and the tireless work of your teams during the current COVID-19 response has been inspiring.


If one thing has become evident, it is that COVID-19 in addition to being a public health challenge it is a tremendous data challenge. As Alteryx CEO Dean Stocker writes the problem is not the amount of data, in fact, if anything there has been so much data, that many agencies are having trouble developing the timely and actionable insights they need because the data is in many systems, in many formats and is being managed in many cases by spreadsheets.


Alteryx is a self-service analytics platform that is helping states streamline the analytics component of their COVID-19 response. Through the Alteryx platform agencies can ingest multiple sources of data, prep, blend and join this data, and reduce the reliance on spreadsheets and create the actionable insight they need to empower their response.


Additionally, Alteryx enables users to enrich their data with advanced analytics, including geospatial, predictive and machine learning. Alteryx is on the frontlines helping organizations in using these advanced capabilities to deal with pandemic responses to diseases like Malaria. You can read about this story here.


And thirdly Alteryx is enabling agencies at all levels to better collaborate around trusted insight with our ability to output to multiple reporting formats and visualization platforms.


In this environment, we are offering public sector agencies responding to COVID-19 extended trial licensing and technical support to better leverage actionable insights and to get prepared to handle the recovery.


If you are in the Public Sector thank you again for your leadership, and your willingness to work to keep us all safe.  We would love to hear how data and analytics are enabling your organization to respond and prepare for the recovery.


Check out our Infobrief on "6 ways analytics will empower the public sector to optimize response to COVID-19"

Andy MacIsaac