Ahoy hoy!

8 - Asteroid

1. I'm Alexandra Mannerings, from the Colorado Hospital Association in Denver, Colorado.
2. I use Alteryx for everything (I even used it once to parse my invite list for my wedding...). Particularly, we use Alteryx to process and analyze the Discharge Claims database and DATABANK data we maintain at CHA, to conduct public health and health policy research, as well as myriad ad hoc requests that we get both from our member hospitals and our internal staff at CHA.
3. Building apps, learning how to deploy a server and create a self-service analytics environment.
4. Well, I have a four-month old son, so my common weekend activities mostly revolve around strollers and diapers. But when I had my own life, I loved going horseback riding with my previous baby, Noah (a chestnut Morgan), hiking in the Rockies, or watching British crime dramas with my hubby!

8 - Asteroid

Great to have you on board AliKat.  Love the fact that you used Alteryx to parse you wedding invite list!


~ Nathan