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What's the etiquette to bumping your unresolved discussions?

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Such an impertinent question indeed!  Suppose you asked a logical question about why do the "test functions" return a -1 for true instead of a positive 1 and you received an answer that didn't make sense to you?  What is someone to do in such a case?  Lives could hang in the balance to the question where every second counts.  Rest assured (but only briefly) that your problem is percolating (steeping for those who drink tea) within the community.  The issue will be assigned to an Alteryx resource for review.


For matters that require business attention, you might craft an email to explaining the issue and requesting help.  If I was looking to stir the community pot just a little bit, I might add a few mentions into the post to catch the attention of some of the leaders @SeanAdams @Joe_Mako @NicoleJohnson as examples.  


If the post regarding the -1 return value is what you are referencing, I thought that this was a rhetorical question and that you were waiting on an official response.  I will post my reply to your well formulated post.


As far as protocol goes, I'd pose that to the community moderators and managers as a suggestion/idea to add a feature to the post.  Knowing that you're still looking for help (other than not accepting solutions) and keeping the post visible might get you the attention that you need.


I hope that this might help as I enjoyed responding to you.




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