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Transfer previous Alteryx Community Profile to new Profile

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Hello and Good Day all!

I am having a problem where I could not access my previous Alteryx Community Profile (hisyam10) because it was tied to my previous company's email which I no longer have access to that email. Hence, whenever I try to log in to Community using the email and password, Alteryx will send the verification code through my email which I no longer have access to that email (inbox).

I have passed Altery Designer Core and have completed a lot of interactive lessons on my previous profile. I really wish that I could retrieve back my old profile or at least change the profile's email(my previous company email) to my new personal email which I'm using on this profile right now.

Appreciate your feedback on this and thanks in advance!

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @Inactive User 


Send an email to with all your details and ask them to update your profile.