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Resume Builder: Let's run it!

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Hi all,


I had some fun last night building my resume with Alteryx and I wanted to share my experience with you.


Building a resume with Alteryx, is it a weird idea or a brilliant and creative one?


You might think at first "Alteryx is not made for that" but since you can Alter everything I thought "why not?".


It's all about structure


I basically split my resume by blocs: Header, Skills, Work Experience, Education and personal info.

Then I used reporting tools to build each part of my resume (I did learn a lot about Reporting tools configuration during this process).


I believe it's easier to think how you want to structure each section (what goes on left, center or right, how much pace you want to have).

Then you have to configure each part according to that. And it's pretty much all you have to do!


My pain points


I had some pain points during this process.


Some polices doesn't work well inside the same element so I had to split them.

An annoying thing is the bold option, for some reason it doesn't apply, this is why I did use different police instead.

I found the space usage sometimes difficult to manage and I had to split element to have a better look.




Even I met some difficulties, I really enjoyed that experience and I'm quite satisfy with the result.

Having fun is an awesome way of learning, so I can only encourage you to try this


You can now send your workflow and let the recruiter run it 🙂


Bravo Mathieu ! 

C'est une très bonne idée !

8 - Asteroid

Belle réalisation ! 
As-tu essayé de le mettre en page avec le Visual Layout qui se trouve dans le "Laboratory" ?

10 - Fireball


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Bonjour Julien,


Non, je n'ai pas expérimenté cette approche. Tu veux l'essayer et partager ton expérience ? 🙂