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Pass percentage too high for certification

Why is the pass percentage so high for certification (80%)? I tried couple of times and failed by a very small margin. I have already accomplished 10+ projects at work using alteryx using all the tools in designer core exam.


From my view, an exam is required to position someone to solve their problems using alteryx but in my case i already have sufficient knowledge and solved many problems using alteyrx and still unable to clear the exam. This is vice versa and turning out to be meaningless.


It doesn't make any sense to be theoretically aware of every option available in the tool when i am able to use them practically as the case arises.



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Have you analyzed what areas you are missing on the exam? For many of us there are certain areas that we don't spend enough time on (mine is spatial). I am sorry you feel that way and haven't been able to pass. I do have to politely disagree. I think the exams (even the expert which is extremely hard) are very well built and serve the purpose that they are intended for. I have been frustrated for years where I take a cert that I can just look up answers on a website to pass versus really being challenged to learn the material inside and out.


Let's sync up and see if maybe I can help you to pass it! 


Hi @BalajiRamamurthy,


I work on the certification team here at Alteryx.  The Alteryx Designer Core exam is not an easy exam to pass.  It tests your knowledge of the tools at a deep level and requires you to be familiar with many of the help resources surrounding the tools.  Its fantastic that you are already using Designer to enhance your every day work, and based on your scores I have no doubt that you will pass the exam soon.  If you would like some test taking strategies to ensure your next attempt is successful, please send me a private message or review the Core Certification Prep - Part IV video.


Good luck on your next attempt and please reach out to for any further questions concerning the exams.


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While I don't agree that the pass percentage (80%) is too high, I do agree that the "select all that apply" questions are unnecessary. I think it would be better to ask people to find the most optimal solution, instead of every possibility. There are an infinite number of ways to solve a problem in Alteryx and the test should be focused on finding the most optimal solution (most efficient method).  


I politely disagree. I think the Alteryx Core Certification pass mark should remain as it is. Reducing the pass mark just makes the certification look mediocre. The current pass mark justifies that you truly have mastery of all the core tools in Designer. If it was too easy to pass the exam, it doesn't communicate the credibility of mastery to prospective employers.