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Not able to access Alteryx Advanced Certification exam even after clearing Alteryx Core

5 - Atom

Hello there, I had a strange experience with the Alteryx certification portal. I am not able to access the advanced exam even after clearing the core exam once. Interesting fact is that, till last week I had the access to Advanced exam, and gave an attempt which wasnt successfull. So when I tried after a week, I was not able to access the Advanced exam. It asks me to do the Core once more to get the access to Advanced. My Core certification ideally, is valid until 2022 November. Not sure why this happened. I have reached out to the certification team stating the issue. Did anyone have any similar experience? Does anyone any suggestions for me? Also, while taking the core Exam almost a year back, the Email associated was that of my then company. Later my personal ID was linked. So it's not because of the Email ID linking issue, I believe. Thanks in advance! 🙂

12 - Quasar

That's a strange problem, the best thing to do is reach the certification team... They will be able to help you with that