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Inactive Local Alteryx User Groups

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



Our goal for Local User Groups has always been frequent, high-quality meetings. Based on data and feedback from over 1000 User Group meetings, we know that successful Alteryx User Groups share the following characteristics:


  • Meet at least once per calendar quarter 
  • Have 3-5 active and committed User Group leaders 
  • Capture and share meeting information back to User Group members and Alteryx 


During all the program changes, new functionalities, and the current structure of the User Group Program, we are in the process of reviewing and updating our active User Groups as well as its leaders. If you are still involved and/or interested to continue leading your Alteryx User Group, please respond to this so we know that you are available. 


Also, with these key requirements in mind, groups that have not met recently or responded to our attempt in reaching out, will be put on hold, effective this week. Here’s a list of impacted user groups: 


  • Belgium 
  • Brisbane, AU 
  • Channel Islands, UK 
  • Cincinnati, OH  
  • Columbus, OH 
  • Copenhagen, DK 
  • Denver, CO 
  • Detroit, MI   
  • Ft. Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, FL 
  • Grand Rapids, MI 
  • Greensboro, NC 
  • Helsinki, FI 
  • Houston, TX 
  • Istanbul, TR 
  • Leeds, UK
  • Long Beach, CA 
  • Milwaukee, WI 
  • Nashville, TN  
  • New York City, NY 
  • Orange County, CA 
  • Philadelphia, PA 
  • Pittsburgh, PA 
  • Portland, ME 
  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA 
  • Sydney, AU 
  • Stockholm, SE   
  • Tampa, FL 
  • The Midlands, UK 
  • The Netherlands, NL 
  • Tokyo, Japan - 日本語 
  • Toronto, ON 
  • Vancouver, BC 
  • Wichita, KS 


User Groups that gain active leadership and commit to quarterly meeting cadence can be re-activated. 


Putting the above groups on hold is in no way meant to be permanent. Because User Groups are established and maintained by Alteryx users in each locale, strong leadership is critical. We hope that all of the impacted groups find leadership and resume meeting as soon as possible. In the meantime, the team will focus our efforts on supporting groups that are regularly meeting and growing new groups around the world. 


If you are a former leader of any of the above groups, we look forward to hearing from you and talk about any concerns or potential opportunities.  
If you are a member of any of the above groups, we look forward to engaging you as a potential leader of a local group or as a member of upcoming industry user groups and other Alteryx events in your local area. 
Any questions, please reach out to us at or comment below.
Alteryx User Group Team 

Flávia Brancato