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How can we can provide our workflows to clients without Alteryx license?

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I'm in an accounting firm and we're currently using/implementing Alteryx at a rapid speed.

Our staffs are cleansing, preparing, blending data with Alteryx a lot.


However, we have cases where we have to provide our clients the workflow, but clients tend not to have Alteryx licenses, and they're using excel as their major program.

(They don't want to buy Alteryx just for simple & time to time projects)


For example, the client might want us to build a logic about valuating their inventories.

Currently, we work and set up a logic via Alteryx, and when the final logic is set, we implement the idea in excel power query, and provide the MS files to our client.


The gallery is not a option since the client wants the workflow itself, since they might have to make modifications.


Maybe in the US and other leading countries, these sort of problems might not be a issue,

but our firm is the leading firm in our country, and this is the main problem/worry about using Alteryx,


I wonder others also have these kind of issues, and I'd really appreciate some solutions/alternatives on how you handle these kind of problems.



Hello @JunePark 

To run the workflow locally, the user will require a license to do so as the only way to make modifications to their workflow would be through Alteryx Designer.  I would also recommend you to reach out to your Alteryx rep regarding this query, as they could look at alternative solutions. 

Community Moderator