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Getting Started Learning Path Choices - AWS?

8 - Asteroid

When I click the "Getting Started Learning Path" link to the 3 choices of "General, Tax & Audit, HR"...whichever one I click takes me to AWS this normal?


Please help if you can, I have lost 2 days due to this issue.




It sounds like you are describing an issue with being redirected after clicking one of the options for the Getting Started Learning Path. Unfortunately, we are not able to replicate this behavior and we do not have any other reports of similar behavior. With that being said, I have listed some basic troubleshooting steps below:


1) Try clearing your browser's cache and revisiting the site.

2) Try using a different browser to view content that isn't loading correctly. (we recommend Chrome for Academy content)



8 - Asteroid

Hi Ian,


Chrome has worked, I was using Brave initially


Thank you for this.

5 - Atom

I had same experience with Brave, but when I turned off Brave's shields the site worked fine.   Brave  is based off Chrome so I expect turning off Brave's extra shielding features it should behave more like out of the box Chrome. I'l see how Brave and the site work together moving moving forward and switch to Chrome if I have further issues. 

5 - Atom

You can simple check this AWS course which offers you to download the study material along with the schedule live training.