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Data and Analytics – “What's your why?” Share it with us!

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The Alteryx community brings people with varying levels of experience together to help nurture and grow their knowledge within the field of analytics. As we enter a new year, we reflect on the past and look forward to the future. As part of this reflection, think about the advice you would give to the past version of you, the one who is a student or just starting out in the field? What would you tell them if they asked you “Why does having an understanding of analytics matter?”


We want to hear your answers! We are hosting a raffle from now until January 28 open to anyone who submits their response. To earn one ticket to the raffle, reply to this post with a text response. To earn three tickets to the raffle, reply to this post with a video response. We will leave the thread open if you would like to continue to send responses after January 28, however, they will not count towards the raffle.


We look forward to hearing all of your great nuggets of wisdom! Some of your submissions may be shared more widely via social channels to get the word out even more about why analytics matters! If your submission is chosen, we’ll be sure to reach out and let you know so you can share as well. And if you're not sure how our SparkED program is helping build a strong analytical foundation in learners across the globe (or how you can get involved), check out the SparkED hub!

Jessica Long
Online Community Manager
8 - Asteroid

I think this understanding of analytics is to make use of information that is available. 

What is the point of information if you can not use it? it like having money in a bank account that you can not access.

Understanding of analytics enables me to grab pieces of actionable information at the moment I need out of repositories of data.

5 - Atom


8 - Asteroid

If you ignore analytics, you might be happier and live a simpler life, but you will never understand why Tinder does not match you with the girls you like. Also, you will fail your next Calculus exam.

7 - Meteor

 “Why does having an understanding of analytics matter?”


To my former self (or to my daughters), I would advise to be 'curious' (much like Curious George), to ask genuine questions, and not to be biased. To be successful in any field or situation, one has to be curious, ask questions without any bias. The cool thing is that all three things can be achieved by understanding analytics. The relationship between analytics and these characteristics are mutual and certainly a stepping stone to future opportunities. 

17 - Castor
17 - Castor



As the SparkED program is such a fantastic initiative, I decided to wear my SparkED t-shirt and record a video to share why I think being data literate is important 😀


This is my first youtube video I hope you will enjoy it!

7 - Meteor

 If you like to understand the causes of things and to have an understanding of what is happening around you in the world, analytics is great to connect the dots to explore new areas and go where noone has gone before in terms using Big Data generated every minute around the globe.

9 - Comet
9 - Comet

I thought about this question a few years ago. I was inspired to write three articles on the topic of "Data Comprehension". Some people call this "Data Literacy" or "Data Sensemaking". Whatever you choose to call it, the topic is important and it took me months to write these articles! You will notice that I even wrote: "I wish I had something like this to read when I was younger".


The spirit of the article is why data is becoming a more important topic over time and how we need to develop the analytical skillsets necessary to properly solve modern-day problems. Here is the link:









Ken Black
General Motors
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

I’m extremely late to the game here but hey, mid-year reflection, right? ☺️

Looking past work assignments, I can hardly think of any simple daily decision I make without referring to a piece of data point, and by extension, analysis of that data. I like to see data analytics as no longer a “buzz word”, but part and parcel of what we do as we go about our daily lives.


From purchasing that morning cuppa - medium or large? (What’s the difference in volume and price?) to our daily commute - train/metro or bus? (Which is faster or which is more crowded?) to deciding what to eat for dinner - cook or takeout? (Inflation is just ridiculous now 🥹 I need to start cooking…)

The “why” to data analytics is almost too easy to answer, but the “how” is then what all of us should be interested about. And that’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Alteryx it . 🙌🏻

5 - Atom

Having an understanding of analytics is helpful in both professional and personal settings.