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Conditional Routing - Enabling instead of Disabling

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Just completed the Interactive Lesson on Implementing Conditional Routing.

The lesson teaches us to disable a workflow route that is not selected in the radio button.


I feel that it is counter-intuitive to disable containers as opposed to enabling containers.

I feel that is a more logical and intuitive way to design conditional routing such that conditional routing enables the selected workflow route instead.

If so, maybe the training can be updated too.


Are there any thoughts on why the disabling approach as the lesson suggests can be the better approach in terms of workflow design?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@Amin ,


spoiler alert!  That's on by default. Clicking on it turns it off. Containers are open by default. Clicking on them turns them off. Detours are Left. Checking them turns them right. 

Personally I struggle with my Mac where moving my fingers up causes the screen to move down. I guess that we all have our crosses to bear. 

you can create an idea where instead of passing true and false to these tools in actions that the action could be open, close, let out right. I like it. 




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