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Any one else noticed the error in the Titanic dataset?

5 - Atom

Never noticed this before.I have worked with this set before using R but it never occurred to me to investigate it further. I am relatively new to Alteryx and have been playing around with this classic data set (The "Hello World" of data science?).


Turns out an 80 year old First Class male survived the sinking. Except he was actually 47 at the time of the event and died in 1945 aged 80.


There are loads of examples of this dataset being used - and lots of examples of age distributions and machine learning based on this.


However - data is only as good as the people who enter it.


Can you find out who he was?

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

What a great find! 

It was Barkworth, Mr. Algernon Henry Wilson.


Did you scrape the information from somewhere, or were you manually checking the data?