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Alteryx for Research Projects

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When I started to learn about Alteryx in my class at CSUF, I thought that Alteryx is a fancy Excel. I now see that it is fancy Excel... but on steroids. I'm now using Alteryx to help me with my final research project on the effect of ASC 842 in the Air transportation and Retail industries.


Although I was unable to use a robot to scrape data for me, I'm going to have Alteryx examine all the data I collect on the amount of assets and liabilities that companies have recorded in 2018 Q4 and 2019 Q1. If anyone has ideas for what kind of interesting things I should look into, please let me know!

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Hi @ji_cha 


I am not intimately familiar with ASC 842 and all the changes but what seems like it could be interesting is build a workflow that not only builds the ASC 842 analysis but also compares to ASC 840 so that users could see the changes that took place and more specifically the impact of those changes. With changes to accounting standards everyone wants to know what that 'actually' means and you could show it! 


Keep up the great work!