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Alteryx Designer Core

7 - Meteor

Hi guys,


Looking forward to clear the 'Alteryx Designer Core' certificaion. Any suggestions or ideas about how I could prepare myself better to clear the examination. Scored 56% in my first attempt.


Thanks! Deepak Singh

13 - Pulsar

So what did you find difficult about the first attempt ?


Did you run out of time (and didn't answer enough questions) or answer all the questions and got too many wrong ?


The exam is basically a test of your product knowledge.  Practice with Alteryx, read the documentation, create your own example of EVERY tool and explore EVERY option of every tool .... you never know what they are going to ask for 🙂

7 - Meteor

I answered all the questions, so I got too many wrong.


I thought 2 hours was not enough to actually solve the questions on Alteryx and then answer.



19 - Altair
19 - Altair



I think that the time is adequate. In preparation for the test I recommend that you complete the interactive training and that you attempt to solve the BEGINNER daily challenges without assistance. 


When you become familiar with the help pages you will find the exam easier to pass. Another source to improve your results are the tool mastery articles. 




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7 - Meteor

I guess there is a lot more to Alteryx than I anticipated. I took the test also, went to the prep class and still failed.   A lot of the questions I got were not brought up or covered in the prep class and I was seeing them for the first time in the test.  Safe to say I was caught off guard.

13 - Pulsar

I don't think the prep class was designed to be a guaranteed pass or covering all of the questions.


I did the Advanced prep and passed the certification later that day, but you still need to know Alteryx *a lot* before attempting.


You know that the link that was provided in the prep class allows you to retry for the next week right ?


Why not do some some research and try again ?


7 - Meteor

I guess there was a misunderstanding in my statement.  I wasn't trying to insinuate that the prep class was designed to be guarnteed pass or fail.  More about saying that there was a lot about the software that I needed to learn after using the software for 9 months and a prep class. Congratulations on your Advance Certification.  

8 - Asteroid

First finish all the videos in the Academy. and then try doing the weekly challenge by yourself. They are a great way to learn and practice.