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Power BI Output - Unable to update a dataset created via Power BI Desktop


Hello to all of you,


I have a problem with the new "Power BI Output" v3.0.0 module that does not allow me to update via Alteryx a dataset in my workspace that was initially created via Power BI Desktop.


Do you have a solution?




Thank you vey much in advance and have a nice day


15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @NinjaDoree, How are you doing?


Are you tried this actions below?


1 - check that the Power BI tool version is compatible with the Designer version from this tool download page:!app/Power-BI-Output/561687f8aa690a14c493c9bd


2 - check that you are following the steps and setting up the tool correctly. More details on this page:


3 - try to upgrading the Power BI workspace as per the steps on this page:


Best Regards

Carlos A Teixeira

Hello to all of you,


After exchanging with the support, the only way to do that is to create a streaming data set in Power BI Cloud. After creating this data set you can update it with Alteryx. If you create a data set with Power BI Desktop you won't be able to update it via Alteryx (for the moment).


Warning : By creating a streaming data set you won't be able to access to Power Query (Power Query is now Alteryx).


Best regards 


Hi @NinjaDoree ,


my experience is little bit different. 

The reason why you cannot edit some datasets is because they are not of "push" type, i.e. they were not created using APIs. For some reason Power BI let's use work with datasets over API only if those dataset were also created via API. Which is not the case of datasets uploaded from Power BI. 


My recommended solution would be:

  1. Design the dataset and dashboard in Power BI Desktop
  2. Knowing the structure of the final dataset, create a new dataset with the same structure through Alteryx Designer and Power BI Output connector
  3. Modify the dashboard to read the dataset from PBI Cloud created in previous step
  4. Publish dashboard into Power BI


Vojta T., PM for Data Connectors
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