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Alteryx Grand Prix 2013


Inspire 2013 is fast approaching which means it is once again time to start thinking and preparing for the Alteryx Grand Prix. The Alteryx Grand Prix is one of the highlights of Inspire with 10 of our most proficient users competing under the pressures of the lights and audience to complete the tasks all in best Alteryx practices. We also have 2 Hot Seats available for competitors who wish to compete in just a round.


The ultimate prize is a trip for two to Las Vegas for a race around the Speedway with the Mario Andretti race school.


For more information on the event go to: http://www.alteryx.com/events/inspire/alteryx-grand-prix

This year we introduced the sign up Grand Prix App on the Alteryx Gallery where users can sign up for either a chance of a spot in the Grand Prix or one of the Hot Seat spots for a round.


 Alteryx Grand Prix App                  

Running the App does not confirm you as one of the competitors but puts you on the list which will be narrowed down to the final 10. It also allows us to determine who will be in one of the 6 available Hot Seat slots during the 3 rounds.  


We have numerous surprises for this year, and will be helping our competitors become familiar with the type of questions they may receive during the event which will also be available to view on the Gallery.


If you would like to try last year’s questions to test your skills they can be found in the last Grand prix blog post located over here: http://www.alteryx.com/community/blogs/engine-works/alteryx-grand-prix-2012-edition


We hope to see you all there for the 2013 Edition of the Alteryx Grand Prix.