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Dublin, IRL

Welcome to the Dublin User Group

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Remotely Join Meet-Ups

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Howdy Folks,


I am an accountant by trade and have been qualified for about 8 years. i have been using Alteryx for about 18 months now and find it the best thing since sliced bread!!


I am based in Cork but would love to join in the meet-ups. However, with 3 kids under the age of 6 I can imagine how me floating the idea of a trip to Dublin would go with the boss (wife).


Is there any facility to remotely join in the next session via webex for example?


Great that there is such an active community in Ireland. Looking forward to getting involved.



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welcome donal.

i agree, alteryx is a fantastic tool.

... not sure about remote session, will look into it.

also, i am across to london again next week for alteryx inspire europe 2019.

a brilliant event, i highly recommend it, if you will be attending then we should meet for coffee/pint?

otherwise, i strongly recommned you attend next year if possible.

kind regards, wade.


12 - Quasar

I'll be attending Alteryx inspire Europe 2019 in London too.


Is there an opportunity for the attendees from the user Group to meet up there?


I haven't had a chance to attend a user group get together yet.


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Hi Donal,


Totally agree, Alteryx is great. 

I am based in Kerry and work with clients in Cork using Alteryx & Tableau.


Maybe we could start a Cork based Alteryx meetup - would you be interested in helping to organise?


Likewise, I have 3 kids and a boss so trips to Dublin are a stretch!!


Let me know what you think,



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Thanks for the warm welcome all.


Cheers @wwatson and @wade12  for the heads up on the inspire event in London. It looks amazing but I don't think my company would be willing to foot the bill and also I would like to build up my skills and knowledge a little more before attending to maximize the return I feel I would get.


@DanielLing a Cork meet-up group sounds like a great idea - I'm probably at a very basic level of understanding as my background is not in IT / coding but organizing events is one of my strengths.


Could anyone advise on how a user group can be set-up on the community? I know a few spaces in the city such as republic of works which often host events such as this so I can drop them a line and see what the story is.


Thanks Again,







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@DBourke19841 - Great, we have Tableau user groups at Republic of work so its a good potential space.

Do you want to have a chat about trying to get this off the ground?

Let me know when suits, 



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we should defintely meetup in london.

please connect with me on linkedin, just search for wade in ireland.



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even more reason to attend inspire ... they have numerous training courses on site.


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Sounds great Daniel - I've messaged you my details on linkedin (more GDPR friendly) so if you want to give me a call we can go through introductions and trash out what a Cork meet-up group might look like.


Doing our bit for de-centrallisation!!

Cork Meet-Up Group.PNG

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Everyone! This is awesome to see excitement in Ireland! Thanks for kicking things off @DBourke19841.


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lauren and I am the User Groups Team Lead at Alteryx. I provide support and resources for User Groups in Europe!


I'm not really sure when the next Dublin group will occur as User Groups are 100% user run and Alteryx supported. However, I would love to speak to as many of you in regards to piloting a user group in Cork. I'll be at Inspire next week in the Community Hub, feel free to come by and use that space as a meeting spot. We'll have a small table and chairs. 

Feel free to LinkedIn me or private message me on the Community!


Hope to meet you soon!