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Race Condition in Python Tool: Data is reused, if no new data is incoming

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Hey everyone,


I already posted in the "New Ideas" section, but just noticed that the behavior reported there is much more serious than I've thought:

Since I cannot add an attachment there, I am opening a new post here...


If no data is incoming to the Python tool, it will reuse data from the previous run in the same session.


I have attached a workflow to reproduce this behaviour: If you run the workflow with the Detour to the left first and then with Detour to the right, you will notice that in the latter case no data is send to the Python tool. But the output to messages and the first output of the Python tool is exactly the same as in the first run. This should not be the case!


Hopefully, this can be resolved soon, because I think this is a serious problem.






Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Christopher, thanks for bringing it to our attention. We believe we have fixed this issue last PI. If you use the 19.1 release, it should be fine. Here's what I have: