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Python Plugin Development Issue: "SDK internal error: SDK Tool failed to start"

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I created a basic plugin following the "Platform SDK Quickstart Guide" and the "ayx_python_sdk documentation".  After performing a ayx_plugin_cli designer-installand creating/executing a simple workflow the new plugin is throwing an error:


SDK internal error: SDK Tool failed to start


I can't find anything in terms of logs that indicate what happened.  I was able to locate the designer log files and temp directory, but the log only contained the above listed error.  I also checked "Event Viewer", since the plugins run in their own process I thought there might be something there.


I'm fairly certain it's a simple missed step or some other issue, but I am having issues debugging.  I originally had built the plugin in the WSL (Ubuntu 20.04) and saw another post about the shiv crossing platforms, so I moved it back to Windows 10 and rebuilt the environment, but no luck.


Steps to Recreate

  1. Installed miniconda
  2. Created an environment: conda create -n alteryx python=3.8.5
  3. Upgrade pip: python -m pip install --upgrade pip
  4. Initialize the workspace: ayx_plugin_cli sdk-workspace-init
  5. Create the plugin: ayx_plugin_cli create-ayx-plugin (chose: single-input-single-output)
  6. Tested the UI
    1. Installed requirements: npm install
    2. Ran the test harness: npm run start
    3. Tested in the harness
  7. Created the Python Environment
    1. Created the virtual environment: python -m venv venv --prompt "alteryx plugins"
    2. Upgraded pip for the venv: python -m pip install --upgrade pip
    3. Installed the "third party" requirements: pip install -r requirements-thirdparty.txt
    4. Verified packages were found through the ide (VSCode)
  8. Installed the plugin: ayx_plugin_cli designer-install --install-type user
  9. Ran Alteryx Designer
  10. Created a new workflow
  11. Configured the workflow to use AMP in the "Runtime" tab
  12. Added an input (simple "csv")
  13. Added the plug-in
  14. Added an output (simple "csv" out)
  15. Ran the workflow
  16. Error occurred: SDK internal error: SDK Tool failed to start

(note: I tried running designer in both standard and "elevated" mode in Windows)


Detailed Information

OSWindows 10 Pro (20H2)
Python3.8.5 (Conda Managed)
Alteryx CLI



7.1.3 (core)

Alteryx Designer


Python Packages

python_pip_freeze.txt (attached)

Node Packages

npm-packages.txt (attached)





Hi @wbellman ,

as you didn't provide any part of your source code, it is hard to say what exactly could be the reason. As the error message you mentioned comes from very beginning of the tool lifecycle, I would suggest to check basic things. Eg. whether your 

"tool_class_name" in ayx_workspace.json corresponds to your plugin backend class name.

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Hello PetrT!

I am providing source, however the steps to duplicate listed above, reproduce the error "out of the box" and requires no custom code at all, at least on my system.

I've attached the generated file structure from the steps listed above (see:  I have not made any changes except for the custom inputs listed above and using the name "SimplePlugin".

My suspicion is that it is environmental not code, but that's just a guess... and also the reason I included the setup for the environment and the OS details.

Please let me know if you need further information.