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Debugging failed SDK start (Platform SDK, 2021.2)

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Hi everyone,


I'm playing around with the new Platform SDK und have a nice interface working. Now, I would like to work on the tool backend and run it in designer. I have the Passthrough-Tool as a default template and have not yet changed anything.


When creating the YXI through `ayx_plugin_cli create-yxi` and installing it in Designer, I have the tool with the final UI -- but when starting the workflow, after some seconds I get the error "SDK internal error: SDK Tool failed to start".


Is there any way to debug this? Would like to see where errors occur, so I can make fixes...


I am not familar with shiv artifacts, so I am wondering: I am developing under macOS and build the tool on my Python environment on my Mac - are there conflicts to be expected when trying to use the .pyz on Windows?






Hey Chrisha,


Yes.  shiv artifacts really only work on the OS that you build them for.  You should run the CLI commands on your windows machine and install them there.  

This error is basically saying that there was issues starting the python process so its most likely related to shiv on mac.