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JIRA Connector

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JIRA Connector (Macro)








Public Gallery Link:!app/JIRA-Connector/58d87c2feffc2a0dd0b5ed8f


I've published a JIRA Connector to the public gallery and hope it will be useful for those using JIRA that are looking for a way to quickly download issues for their JIRA projects.  It's pretty straightforward, but here's a preview and quick guide:


30 Second Preview:



Installation & Configuration


Download and import to your Macros folder


















As long as your macro folder has been mapped (Options -> User Settings -> Edit User Settings -> Macros), you should find the JIRA Connector tool in the Connectors category on the tool palette the next time you open Alteryx.










Tool Configuration


3 Tabs:  Site & Login, Project & Issues, Fields


Site & Login


Enter the URL for your JIRA site along with your username and password.  Email logins will work, but your actual username is preferable because it enables the "Only My Issues" option to work (next tab).





















Project & Issues


You'll need to run the workflow at least once with the "Refresh Project List" option selected before being able to use the "Download Issues" option.  This loads a list of available JIRA projects that will show in the dropdown under the Download Issues option on subsequent runs.
















Once an available project list has loaded, you can select a project to download issues from.  You'll also notice some options for filtering issues that belong to yourself or another specific assignee.  You can also paginate through large result sets in 1,000 record increments.






Lastly, select one of three options for returned fields and parsing methods.


  1. Standard - Formatted
    •  Includes the commonly used JIRA system fields and utilizes more practical parsing and formatting methods
  2. Standard - Raw
    • Includes all JIRA system fields and transposes/flattens multi-dimensional arrays (to a certain extent/depth)
    • Can yield wide results
  3. The Kitchen Sink
    • Includes all system fields, as well as custom fields
    • Parsed results for this option will likely be very wide and cumbersome
































Summary (S) - a brief summary of the results (record counts, etc.)

Raw JSON (J)  - direct JSON response from the JIRA REST API

Parsed Results (P) - the parsed results



That's it!  Once again, I hope this will be useful and look forward to getting some decent feedback.  I've only been able to test this on our company's [cloud hosted] JIRA projects and honestly have no idea if it will work for private server hosted JIRA environments.  


Please feel free to leave feedback and/or report any runtime errors below.  I'll do my best to publish new versions to the gallery with essential fixes.


Taylor Cox

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@amichel - Thanks, glad you like it!  


I am currently working on "Project JIRA" 2.0 which will include 2 new connectors that will take place of the current JIRA connector.  I'm using the new HTML/SDK to build both a new JIRA Input tool, as well as a new JIRA Output tool that will allow you to create JIRA tasks as well as update existing ones, given the issue's key.  No idea on timeframe as of now (got a baby boy coming any day now!) but I'm setting some time in Q1 2018 as a personal goal :-)

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Thanks for creating and sharing this Jira connector. Unfortunately in our company we still use an old version of Alteryx 10.5 and when I try to use the version that I can download  from here, I get an error message :( 


Is there any way to make it work or get a version of the connector that works on 10.5 ?


Thanks in advance!




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Still pretty excited for JIRA Connector 2.0 :)


I did have a question for you... does the connector currently support (or maybe in 2.0) ability to grab the sprint values? Once I pull in the data to Alteryx, I want to filter out stories that are actively being worked on in the current Sprint so I can get a true assessment weekly of the stories that we have outstanding in the backlog. Appreciate to hear from you.

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Thanks for the macro! I need to connect my Alteryx flow to a Jira view (which is a project with applied filters to make the view more specific). However, this macro (JIRA connecotr) does not get connected to my specific view. As a work around, I chose the overarching project but the problem is that even when I choose the higher level project (with no filter applied) I cannot see all the fields I have in my own view (filter) in the fields that JIRA connectors brings in to the Alteryx flow with the standard-formatted fields option.  Thee are some missing fields. Alternatively, when I use the kitchen-sink, it brings thousands of fields that are overwhelming. Is there anyway that I can directly connect  my Alteryx view to the URL of my JIRA view which is a filtered view of a more comprehensive project? 

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@mortezaforoutan I'm working on a new version of this connector that should allow you to pull issues based on saved filters.  However, I'm not sure about saved views.  Can you share an example of your view's URL?  For instance, one of my saved filters yields the following URL:


That filter actually has a semantic name and such in the UI, which I'll integrate into the new connector:


A select option for the user's saved filter:


Alteryx Support []


Furthermore, I did notice that when looking at issues based on saved filters, users can define their Default Columns.  Is this what you're looking for?

User Default ColumnsUser Default Columns

I'll definitely look into integrating "my default fields" as an option in the new connector, as well.  I'm struggling to find free time to work on it, but hope to have it done in the next couple of weeks.



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I exactly meant 'saved filters'. That's great that it is on your to-do list! Impatiently waiting for your new macro. Please let me know when it is completed.

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First of all: Thanks a lot for that connector. It's been a great help already.



I have already successfully used the connector for a JIRA instance using basic authentication. However, I'm challenged now with a case of a Okta Single-Sign-On solution. I assume that this will be using OAuth. I was excited to read here that you were trying to find a solution for that as well. Do you have any update on that or did it turn out to be too complicated doing this with Alteryx?


Would just like to get a feeling if it's worth investing time into that.


Thanks a lot again,


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Hi again!


I was wondering if you had any chance to develop a new version of this connector that should allow us to pull issues based on saved filters?


Kindest Regards,


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This connector works very well, thank you.  I'm pulling a project that has over 10,000 issues (10,700) to be exact.  I'm able to pull the first 10,000 in 2 groups, 0 - 5000 and 5001 - 10,000.  Is it possible to change the limits to allow to pull 10,001 - 11,000 for example?

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Hi, That is a very great connector, but unfortunately I am not able to add it to macros. I have put all 3 files (download file + 2 extracted file) in my macro connected folder. Is there any setting / update required? I am using Alteryx version 11.5.1.