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Installed Custom Tool not Showing in Tool Ribbon


I've created a new custom HTML/js tool and installed it, but it doesn't show in my tool ribbon.  Thinking maybe there was some kind of issue with the tool itself preventing it from loading correctly, I tool an existing sample tool (HTML_Widget_DataItem_Example), changed the name, created a new yxi file out of it (following all of the js SDK documentation), and installed it.  As with my tool, it correctly installed to my AppData/Roaming/Alteryx/Tools folder, but neither show in my ribbon.   Apparently I can't see any custom tools I install.  What is the trick to getting Alteryx to recognize a new tool via the yxi installer method?

Does the expanded config files exactly match the directory name?

Must be <FolderName>Config.xml


Can you give a folder listing and that xml file? It's basically the only thing designer needs to make it show up - rest of it needed at later stages.




@jdunkerley79, a-ha!  That did it.  I had a space in the folder name.  Thanks!