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How to create a HTML GUI file for building custom Tools?

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I plan to build some custom tools but am stuck at HTML GUI file because I don't have any coding experiences before lol. Is still possible to create a HTML GUI file without any HTML experiences?


I tried to follow the post "Alteryx Tool Generator", but I got some errors and can't create those xml/html files.


Also I saw in my Designer - there's a tool called "HTML - GUI Library" under SDK Examples Tool Pallete. What does this tool mean? Can this tool help me create HTML file?


Many thanks for your help!!


Thank you


Hello @yshen047 

Can you please upload a copy of your workflow and explain what you are trying to accomplish with your custom tools?

This will help the community to best direct you while troubleshooting.



Community Moderator

Hey @yshen047 , 


Is this something you are still trying to accomplish? 


If you need to build a custom tool and need HTML GUI SDK functionality, you can use the HTML GUI SDK example to see all the widgets that are available to you to use for the UI of the tool.


For the bones of building a new tool, I'd recommend following the getting started doc here:


This doc outlines all of the necessary files, and how to package/version/and deploy your tool.


Happy coding!