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HTML SDK - Salesforce 4.0 and 4.1 - getDataItem("password") - no value

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 I am using Salesforce Macro ( 4.0 or 4.1 in different machines ) . While validation we found workflows are failing because of expired accesstoken and debugging led us to getdataitem for password


The Value is blank for some workflows and others we can able to retrieve values.  We have multiple servers that run workflows and 2 servers are used to store actual workflow files. Is getDataItem for password check any condition? . Please note Salesforce macro saves the password in Machine encryption

data-item-props='{dataName:"securityToken", dataType:"SimpleString", password:true, encryptionMode:"machine"}


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Hi there @sathiya !


I think what you may be running into is an issue with the machine encryption.


Machine encryption only works on one machine. Something you could try is to open the workflow on the server machine, and re-enter the password and security token for the workflow and re-save.