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HTML SDK - Editing an Existing Tool

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I'm looking to make a change to the Salesforce Input tool that's built with the HTML/JS SDK.  I figured out how to make my change in the underlying macro (the engine), as well as the associated input field (HTML GUI), but my changes are not being reflected in Alteryx.  I saved both the updated macro and HTML GUI documents, closed, and reopened Alteryx to no avail - the new field does not show up in the UI.  Is there some special way to get Alteryx to recognize changes to existing tools?  Or do I have to package my change in a complete .yxi installer and re-install it?


Here's what I added to the UI:


Alteryx - Salesforce Input Tool GUI Addition.png


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Hey @rpaugh


You have the syntax right, to see the results of a modification in the window, you only need to save the .html file and click onto the Designer canvas, then back onto the tool.


That being said, I believe what you are seeing is a little different.


The GUI.html file you are editing, with a macro runtime, is for the deprecated version of the Salesforce Input tool. To see the deprecated tool, right click on the Salesforce Input tool in the Designer toolbar, and select show deprecated tools. 


Deprecated Salesforce Tool - HTML front-end, macro back-end : C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\HtmlPlugins\Salesforce Input

New Salesforce Input Tool - HTML front-end, non-macro back-end: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\HtmlPlugins\SalesforceInput





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Thanks so much for the suggestion.  I was able to review the tool and successfully modify it.


The issue I was running into was that I couldn't run year-over-year activity analyses due to the fact that Salesforce auto-archives old records, making them unavailable to reports and API calls.  What I've done with the tool is provide the user with the ability to select whether or not they want to include archived records in their results if increasing the archive date limit for their Salesforce instance is not an option.  I believe others would/could greatly benefit from this as well, so how would I go about getting this feature added to the core tool?  I've happy to send over a zip file with what I've done so all your developers have to do is review the changes.


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I would love if you could share your version of the Salesforce yes.

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@jensroy I've since lost this version since upgrading Alteryx.  They've also recently upgraded their version of the tool on the python platform rather than javascript.  Let me take a look and see if it's something I can rebuild and will still work with the latest version of Alteryx.

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@jensroy I can't seem to locate this version of the tool.  Would you mind zipping up your Salesforce Input folder and sharing it?  It should be located at C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\HtmlPlugins (or wherever you're installing your plugins).



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Here is the old salesforce macro. I think you can still access it though? If you right click on the tool pallet and choose "Show deprecated tools"? But it is also possible that they are not included in fresh installs. But worth a look 🙂


Thanks for helping out. I haven't had time to learn HTML macro's yet. I appreciate the help

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@jensroy I didn't see the engine file in your zip (Salesforce InputEngine.html).  Do you happen to have that?