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HTML GUI SDK - Is it possible to use Widgets with SetConfiguration and GetConfiguration

6 - Meteoroid

I’m trying to develop a control.  I have no say over the format of the XML configuration, it has to match a legacy format. I've used GetConfiguration and SetConfiguration with hard-coded values to correctly invoke our legacy dll as a proof of concept.

Now I 
would like to use ayx widgets for dropdowns that allow the user to select from a list of incoming fields.  The widgets already have the styling to make it easy to match the look and feel of Alteryx.


If I introduce the following markup into the GUI... 



      <h3>XMSG("X Field(Longitude)")</h3> 
      <ayx data-ui-props='{type:"DropDown", widgetId:"longitudeField"}'></ayx> 


Without definitions for SetConfiguration and GetConfiguration and the markup renders in Alteryx.

But if I provide a function definition of any kind for SetConfiguration and GetConfiguration then the drop-downs fail to render any markup.

I know DataItems when bound to widgets can also create entries in the Configuration, but, due to legacy constraints, I need to avoid this too and just use them for the UI.

Is it possible to use SetConfiguration and GetConfiguration, and still leverage using Widgets?   

And if so, why would the presence of an window.Alteryx.Gui.SetConfiguration function definition cause the dropdowns to disappear? ( even checking in the Developers tools show no elements in the DOM for these... but, as soon as I remove the SetConfiguraton and GetConfiguration definitions, the DOM elements do appear ).

6 - Meteoroid

I found the new developer docs here:   https://help.alteryx.com/developer/11.5/index.htm

I'm reading the details here: https://help.alteryx.com/developer/11.5/index.htm#HTML/UseSDK.htm%3FTocPath%3DCustom%2520Alteryx%252...

Took me long time to stumble on these docs, but it's immediately helping.