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Custom Python Tools: How can we do column-wise operations?

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I have been trying to make my python tool do column-wise operations. From what I have read, I understand that I need to read in each row in 'ii_push_record' and then perform the operation and output all rows in 'ii_close'.


I am having trouble correctly reading in the records and accessing them again for output later. If anyone could provide the syntax used for storing rows into a dataframe in 'ii_push_record' , and then calling/outputting them again in the correct order in 'ii_close', I would really appreciate it. 




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Hi @mark_oshea - it sounds like you need to perform a batch process in your tool. If you're using the Python SDK, this post has a code example for storing the incoming data that might help. We also have an abstraction layer for the Python SDK called SnakePlane that helps streamline the process of creating a tool with the SDK and a 'batch' mode option is available. @SydneyF wrote a great tutorial on how to use it here.  

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Thanks! That code example is exactly what I was looking for.