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Automated Workflow/App Deployment to Server

@SeanN, thanks for the information.  At some point I will see if I can get the auth header working so the URL doesn't contain all of the security information.


@chrisha, I finally have a very early prototype of the tool working.  The source code is on GitHub if you want to take a look, or you can install a copy with the attached YXI.  I am getting some sort of invalid username and password error on my gallery when I try to run workflows, but that may be a config issue on my gallery...still investigating.


The process I am looking at will be something like this:

  1. Push changes to our BitBucket development branch
  2. Bamboo runs some automated tests on our workflows.  If they all pass, the changes can be merged to master
  3. Merge changes to master
  4. Bamboo tasks copy the repository to various places and run one or more workflows that publish our top-level workflows to the gallery using the custom tool.

Hi @tlarsen7572 ,


thanks for sharing your solution! It took me a while to come back to this, but as we are automating more and more, it is time to find a solution for this.

Since I was more interested in a non-Alteryx solution (e.g. Python) to handle the actual upload, I might take the Python scripts you provided and write some CLI wrapper around it. When I find the time to actually finish this, I'll post it to GitHub as well for others to use.


As far as I understand, though, we can currently simply upload a workflow, right? I.e. I cannot replace an existing workflow or add the uploaded workflow as a new version?

Edit: Nevermind, I just found out about the sourceId parameter, which can be used to replace workflows.



Btw, I just saw in the above linked post that there are also some tools by interworks for the migration of workflows: