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Alteryx Developer Needed!

7 - Meteor



Benevolent Generation is in need of an Alteryx developer/database administrator with experience in managing databases via Alteryx. 


1. Work on a contractor position on a monthly fee-based in the US willing to sign an NDA.


2. The job is Data Analyst
We have a database of CSV files that are uploaded to Alteryx and than we use Alteryx to manage the data.
- Work and design data flow based on consumer email engagement data.
- Create and design import procedures and reports
- Create and design export procedures, reports, and filters
- Create various reports based on management request.
- Analyze and create data reports useful to management.

Basically, optimize what we are doing and create other reports and configurations per our request.

If skills in database design is a plus


 Please send your resume to:



Thank you! 

8 - Asteroid

@BenGen Greetings! May I please know if you are still looking for one? I understand this is too late yet in case you are looking for one, please let me know. Thanks!