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2020 User Group Goals and Pledges

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Thank you to all who came and pledged and offered their thoughts on what they would like to see for their 2020 User Group Sessions. A big thank you to @BenMoss for offering us some Pizza to keep us well fed and networking during our group next time. 🙂 Biscuits was also a must, so will aim to ensure we have those for the next meeting too.


Our group goals are as follows: (yes they can be added to if you didnt make it please add your comments by reply)


  • MOB CHALLENGES must continue 🙂
  • Tool Mastery - dig deeper into the tools and how they work
    • Multi Row Formula
    • Macros
    • Generate Rows
  • Forecasting in R and Alteryx Tools
  • Market Basket Analysis (Ben Moss)
  • GIS vrs Alteryx (Harriet Jack)
  • Limits of Alteryx
    • What can I do, what shouldn't I do?
  • Best Practises
    • Templates
  • Coolest thing I have done
    • Dan Vincent
    • Ben Moss
  • Outputs
    • Tableau
    • Power BI
  • R Challenge - take some R code and translate it back into Alteryx (Polly to set the Challenge)
  • Spatial
    • Drivetimes
    • HERE API
  • API Basics (covered in the webscraping content from last year - will link back)
ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hey User Group Members ! I miss you, sick and tired of virtual meets, but I would love to get together and talk Alteryx. What are your thoughts would a TEAMS meeting with various sharing and catch ups suit you guys versus the formal meeting on "you tube"...


Let me know! Would love to hear from you all.