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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Does this installer generate a log file if there are errors installing?


Installing this on a 22.3 Server and the installer never returns with the "Installation Successful" message. 


The Server API Tool does show up with it's icon in the Developer tools section of Designer, but when you drag in onto a workflow you get the blue circle icon and message that the Server API Tool.yxmc can't be found.   


@dheissner, did you install the yxi for "all users" or "my account"?

"All Users" will save the tool to ProgramData\Alteryx\Tools and

"my account" will save the tool to AppData\Roaming\Alteryx\Tools

Right-click on the icon and check the path it's using when attempting to open the macro - that will be the nested folder name in the corresponding Tools directory above


Did you restart Designer after installing it? (restart is necessary if it's the first time you are installing that particular yxi's "version")

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@JarrodT we tried installing both ways (all users and my account). The yxmc file is out in both locations (ProgramData.. and  AppData...) under ServerAPI_1_2\Supporting_Macros.


It's odd that we never get the message box that the install completed?  We can restart Designer as we may not have...

7 - Meteor



Is that version specific to your environment or you able to share it? 




6 - Meteoroid

@Razb This is a supported tool, so I would refer you to Alteryx support to get a version that works for your environment.

6 - Meteoroid

@aehrenwo I am new to Alteryx Server management, specifically the Server API tool. I am getting all 3 of the same errors you did last year (see below). How did you resolve each one?

Error: Server API (1): HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: //oauth2/token (Caused by SSLError(SSLCertVerificationError(1, '[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate (_ssl.c:1123)')))


Error: Server API (1): Tool #684: The test "Error retrieving authorization token" failed: ExpectedNumRecords==0, NumRecords(#1)==1


Error: Server API (1): This machine is missing the following package: pip_system_certs


@alevin , You might want to try the Server API Tool version currently posted in Marketplace. It removed the pip_system_certs package requirement. If that new version doesn't solve the first error, then it may be an issue with the cert itself. In that case, refer to the links below on how to add certs manually:


Go through Step 6 here: 


Then add the certificate to the MMC: