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10 - Fireball

Hi Petek,


The yxzp format is set up as an association for Windows file extensions when Alteryx is installed on a machine.  Is Alteryx installed on the machine, or are you opening on a different PC?


Also, as a side note, yxzp format is actually the same as zip format, so if you rename the file to you can then double click on the zip file and copy-paste the files inside to wherever you need them.


To use the yxmc macro files, put them in the same folder as your workflow, and in the flow, right click, choose Insert, Macro, and browse to your current working directory and click on the main macro, OpenAI_ChatGPT_Completions.yxmc


Hope that helps.



5 - Atom

The OpenAI ChatGPT Completions macro - your personal genie for turning data into prose. It's like having a chatty sidekick in Alteryx, creating messages and summaries. Just remember, if ChatGPT starts rambling like a loquacious parrot, use Max_Tokens to rein it in. It's like giving your AI friend a word limit - because even virtual friends need boundaries!

11 - Bolide

Glad you are enjoying it !
What are you using it for ?

5 - Atom

I believe I'm close to getting it working but not there yet. My "response" says "You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details." but I have the free trail version, so I'm not sure how to get passed this. Any ideas? I tried to wait and hour then run it...but I got the same response.



10 - Fireball

Hi @Jarrett_Alston , The free trial lasts for only 3 months, or rather, lasted.  I don't think OpenAI offer the three month trial any more, such has been the success.  I suggest you have a google around to confirm to your own satisfaction, but I think from here on in it is pay to play with version 4.  Sorry to bring bad news.