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You did it. You bought your ticket. It’s sinking in that you are less than 25 days away from the biggest analytics conference of the year! Haven’t registered for Inspire yet? Register here, collect your ticket and proceed to Go! to attend the Alteryx event that is altering everything you know about analytics. Don’t forget to book your hotel room this week to save on your accommodations! Both readers read on to rock on.


Inspire 2018 in Anaheim is promising to deliver the best Inspire yet and we are counting our lucky stars that many of you are planning on joining us. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned Inspire veteran looking to make the most of your analytics mega experience in Anaheim, we want to help you do it Like. A. Pro. Want a sneak peek at customer lead sessions coming your way at Inspire, take a look here.



Attend sessions from Alteryx Users  at Inspire 2018Attend sessions from Alteryx Users at Inspire 2018


Five Roads Diverged at Inspire and You Took the One You Wanted

There’s a specially suited place to learn about analytics for everyone at Inspire—including YOU! With five tracks in all, we know that you may feel like there are endless choices to make. So, let’s walk through a little bit of what you can expect from each track, be it a golden brick road or some kind of magic carpet ride.


Community Track

Our NEW Community Track will infuse the spirit of your dynamic Alteryx Community. Expect to team up with fellow users and mimic familiar Community concepts like tackling weekly challenges, sharing tips and tricks, and celebrating achievements of advancing their careers, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with analytics using Alteryx, and experiencing the thrill of bringing the platform into their daily lives.


IT and Business Leader Track

Ready for a culture of analytics and innovation in your organization? Business leaders and IT professionals agree; it boosts the bottom line and keeps you at the forefront with a self-starting workforce. Led by speakers across industries and companies, learn to launch analytics-driven organizations with Alteryx as the core—build Centers of Excellence, get departmental adoption of analytics, and improve customer engagement through Big Data.


Data Analyst Track

Data analysts love Alteryx. They chase renovating every laborious process into a powerful Alteryx workflow—it’s exhilarating! Absorb knowledge from data analysts like yourself delivering game-changing insights and furthering their company and careers. Built to "inspire" you to turbocharge your skill set and explore you + Alteryx possibilities, use cases may include data blending fundamentals, jumpstarting your predictive know-how, and diving deeper into spatial analysis.


Tech Track

Get the lowdown on Alteryx technologies and product updates directly from the Alteryx team that developed them. Uncover more on the platform as you learn the art and (data) science of data cleansing and quality or reporting as the new output. Alteryx Technology Track will be your adventure from basic data blending to advanced topics like predictive models to production apps, and server deployment considerations.


ACE Track

4L0A2882.jpgAlteryx ACEs prove their mastery of the Alteryx platform by cracking some of the most challenging analytic questions and sharing their Data-ha moments with the rapidly expanding Alteryx community. In this track designed for hardcore, advanced users, learn from our very own ACEs as they share expertise around highly technical Alteryx capabilities from predictive to spatial analytics, and go back to work with ACE confidence.


Light Your Fire with the Right Sessions to Warm You Up

This year, you’ll notice that we’ve added handy dandy session levels to the agenda to guide you through an enlightening learning experience that matches your pace preferences! Here’s a quick reference guide for you to use as you plan out your optimal conference agenda with many amazing sessions to choose from.

 Whatever your flavor, here’s your session level cheat sheet to savor:


General: Unleashing the thrill inherent in solving problems using data analytics to fuel remarkable business and social outcomes is our mission. These sessions offer something for every data analytics professional with keynote speakers embodying the imaginative spirit and passion that Inspire distinctively fosters. Find your inspiration with industry leaders from the ever-evolving world of analytics.


Beginner: Whether you are embarking on a journey into analytics or exploring the vast canvas as a seasoned workflow builder, these sessions are an opportunity to dive right in or to refresh on Alteryx essentials. Support, spur, and speed up your understanding of the basics of data analysis and Designer interface, all while strengthening your analytics core.


Intermediate: If you have been steadily working with the platform for months, or know the basics but crave a chance to explore creative solutions, fuel up and focus in as these sessions target anything from macros to workflow optimization to Gallery Tips/Tricks. Boost your running knowledge and expand your drag-and-drop horizons.


Advanced: In case you are just entering your first foray into advanced analytics or sitting as the go-to Alteryx guru, these sessions offer discovery and fun while you push the boundaries of what users (and we!) think is possible. Crack the technical possibilities with those workflows to reflect people’s – and their own— ever changing-questions.


 When deciding which sessions to go to, consider which learning opportunities will provide a place for you to A. Seize the day with refresher courses B. Hang out in curriculum right in the cut of your experience C. Add a few stretchy moments to challenge yourself or maybe D. All of the above. 


Top Inspire Experiences to Hang Your Hat On

Hello, Happiest Place on Earth

Perhaps, Disney’s most durable park slogan over the years has been “The Happiest Place on Earth” (THPoE) and the runner-up has been “Where Dreams Come True.” While we hope that we are making your dreams come true with the Happiest Platform on Earth, we want to offer you a chance to experience THPoE, at the California Disney Adventure Park with your data squad. Your optional Cal Adventure Excursion is available to you at a great price that you’ll want to snag before prices go up after June 1, 2018.


Go home with a certificate upon passing our exam, proving what you learned at Inspire!Go home with a certificate upon passing our exam, proving what you learned at Inspire!I came back from Inspire and all I got was this… Badass Certification!!

Certifications are a great way to share with the community the skills and knowledge you’ve worked so hard to earn. Why not give it the certified stamp of approval? At Inspire we are offering certification exam prep courses in Core, Advanced, and Expert. Certification Exams in Core and Advanced. The first two are free to take and Expert is only $100. For the first time ever, we are offering this exam for expert certification at Inspire! Why wait? Let’s make this the year you became analytics hardcore with an Alteryx Core certification and more!


World’s Greatest Alteryx Grand Prix This Side of North America

Get ready for a new crowd experience at this year’s Inspire. The audience will have the opportunity to follow along with our drivers while the race is happening so that you can see who’s in the lead in real time. We will also incorporate the broader Alteryx platform. But the elements you always loved about the Grand Prix won’t change – three contestants on-stage who have the need for speed will compete live, and of course, the winner will still receive the Grand Prix trophy and bragging rights for a year.


*Add some Disney magic to your Inspire 2018 experience with Disney California Adventure Park Wednesday, June 6th from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM.*Add some Disney magic to your Inspire 2018 experience with Disney California Adventure Park Wednesday, June 6th from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM.

Inspire Hashtags to Tell the Grandkids About

Inspire is a great place to meet up with old and new friends alike, and for many, this is a cherished, much anticipated time where you can finally see your data peers again and chat all things analytics. When you’re out there at Inspire snapping photos with familiar faces, stuffing your face with milk and cookies, or getting your Alter.Everything on, here are the hashtags you’ll want to include to be a part of the journey with others and follow along with them. #alteryx18 #alternation


Picture all the conferences you’ve ever attended in your life for learning and development. Imagine the familiar name badges, networking events, entertainment, and conference programs. Now, chuck it out the window because this Inspire 2018 is going to alter everything (Everything?), everything!, you’ve experienced before. We are constantly striving to break barriers and this conference is no exception! Join us as we celebrate an analytics revolution with a platform powered by users like you. Let’s go! Well, in 25 days that is.