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35151058575_dc964db4c0_zIt’s only the end of Day 2 of Alteryx Inspire 2017 and I’m already hearing, “I’m brainfull”. It was indeed a full day, one that started at sunrise for some. Sunrise, you say? Oh yes, you read that right - 6 a.m.! The day started off bright and early, and with a little Zen at the Aria pool deck for the Yoga for Good event. Alteryx Inspire attendees, partners and employees participated in the event, an hour-long, donation-based yoga class. It helped warm everyone up with yoga flows before hitting the day to build analytic workflows.


 The Zen energy soon gave way to the buzz of excitement as attendees awaited Dean’s opening keynote, and all of the new Alteryx discoveries that were revealed. The audience wasn’t let down, as Dean not only revealed one new acquisition, but two! With roaring applause, the keynote ended, and day 2 of tracks, training, sessions and networking began.


With so many options to choose from, it was hard to keep up with the information exchange taking place, from the Hall of Analytics to the Command Center, full of smaller meet and greets with Alteryx executives and product managers, to all of the Training Sessions and Tracks.


A couple Technology Track sessions had crash lines that looked like folks trying to get into the hottest club in Vegas; in particular, Tasha Alfano’s “Deep Dive into the Downloads Tool” session, and Dan Putler’s “The Art and (Data) Science of Data Cleansing and Quality” session.


The Customer led Tracks were no different with Steven Flickes of Redbox, Levon Johnson of Alaska Air Group, Tim Chandlers of Marketo, and Andrew Kim of Universal packing the rooms to share their hands-on expertise and tips to fellow analysts.


34341049953_245de2bd82_zAttendees had tough decisions to make about which sessions to sit in with all of the options, topics, and incredible line-up of customer speakers. You could see teams from the same company huddling to come up with 'divide and conquer tactics' to get into as many sessions as possible. Everyone wants to be iconic!


Day 2 of Alteryx Inspire didn’t stop when the sessions stopped. In fact, it was only the beginning to part 2 of Day 2 with the Alteryx Grand Prix, and Power Play at Brooklyn Bowl. The Grand Prix lived up to its name, and Power Play re-energized everyone with music, laughter and new connections.


With customers happy and exhausted from information overload, and great networking at Brooklyn Bowl, Day 2 of Inspire wound down in preparation for another full day.


See what Day 3 of Inspire has to bring, and keep an eye out for tomorrow’s recap blog.