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Inspire 2016As an Alteryx partner we’re excited to be sponsoring Inspire ’16, and of course excited to make a journey to sunny San Diego.  Tableau is featured in events such as the Sponsor Hall, Business Leader Sessions, Data Analyst Sessions and more throughout Inspire ’16.  Our joint customer session features Jason Mack, Vice President Customer Marketing and Analytics, JP Morgan Chase.  He’ll discuss how JP Morgan Chase is leveraging Alteryx to unify disparate marketing data sources and deliver comprehensive insights on customers and campaign performance via Tableau dashboards to business leaders.


We’re also transporting our Tableau Doctor Minute Clinic to Inspire ’16.  Come by the clinic to meet Tableau experts who can help you solve your greatest viz quandaries, no appointment necessary! To get started ahead of the conference, download the Alteryx Starter Kit for Tableau.  You’ll be able to explore pre-configured workbooks, import your own data and come prepared to the conference with questions for the doctors.  Try to stump your doctor on best practices, a perplexing scatter plot, or a troublesome table calculation.    We’re also being featured in sessions from Charles Schwab, Chick-Fil-A, Walmart, Pacific United (45 Minutes of Alteryx-Tableau Awesomeness anyone?) and more-we’ve listed the full session list and times below.  And finally, as always we will be available in the Sponsor Hall if you just want to come by and say hi or learn more about how Tableau helps people see and understand their data.


  • Tuesday, June 7th; 10:00AM – 10:45AM JP Morgan Chase: Transforming Marketing Into a Data-Driven, Analytic Culture with Alteryx and Tableau
  • Tuesday, June 7th; 1:30PM – 2:15PM Charles Schwab: Transforming a Mountain into a Molehill: Alteryx Self-Service Analytics and Tableau Visualization
  • Tuesday, June 7th; 1:30PM – 2:15PM Walmart: Using Alteryx and Tableau For Cost And Decision Models to Support Pay Increases For More Than 1.2 Million Walmart and Sam'S Club Associates
  • Tuesday, June 7th; 4:45PM – 5:30PM Mosiac Medical: Risk Scores and Patient Panel Sizes: Predictive Analytics in Primary Care
  • Wednesday, June 8th; 1:30PM – 2:15PM Sally Beauty: Sally Beauty: Using Data for Quantitative Marketing and CRM Enablement
  • Wednesday, June 8th; 2:30PM – 3:15PM United Pacific: 45 Minutes of Alteryx-Tableau Awesomeness: How to Generate Insightful and Interactive KPI Dashboards for Any Business
  • Wednesday, June 8th; 2:30PM – 3:15PM Chick-Fil-A: Chick-fil-A: Scaling Analytic Insights for Organizational Growth

We are passionate about analytics here at Tableau and this years theme really resonates.  If you haven’t registered yet, register now.  We’re excited to see you there!